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Do I need a Permit to Remove my Tree?:
A Decision Guide for Navigating Florida Statute 163.045

Florida Statute 164.045 defines the conditions in which a homeowner is able to hire a tree care company to remove a tree on their property without prior notice or permission from their local government. Recently, the statute was revised to provide further clarity regarding the zoning, reporting, and what constitutes unacceptable risk (click here to access Chapter No. 2022 - 121). 

In Fall 2021, the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture hosted a series of seminars regarding the Navigation of 163.045 and the proposed revisions which have since been signed into law. This website serves as a summary of this training and the conversations that emerged in the question and answer sessions. It is intended to assist you in navigating the new tree law. That said, when in doubt it is most prudent to contact your local government official for further clarification regarding their interpretation of the new law. This decision tool was developed by the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. It was not created by an attorney and is not providing a legal opinion, and is not offering any service that can, by law, be performed only by an attorney. 

To determine if the tree you are assessing is covered by 163.045, please click on the buttons below to begin a series of questions designed to help you make a more informed decision over proper process to follow. 

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